Electric Power Separation Project

Project Name:

Electric Power Separation Project

Project Location:

New York City

Project Description:

To ensure compliance with NFPA 99, 1999 Edition, Section 3-4.2.2 Specific requirements that require that the essential electrical systems for a building be fed by three separate branches of the emergency power system: Life Safety, Critical and Equipment. This project requires reconfiguring the electrical systems to separate normal and emergency power distribution into dedicated Automatic Transfer Switches for each emergency power branch to bring into conformance to NFPA 99. Segregate between emergency and normal.

Project Duration:
  • December 2014 to November 2017
Project Value:
  • $15-$20 Million
Project Architect:
  • Lizardos Engineering
Construction Manager:
  • Lend Lease
Batska Consulting Group PM: