Provides an end-to-end project management solution for our clients. Combining unparalleled experience at a local level with comprehensive construction management capabilities. We work closely with owners, architects, engineers, contractors, and project stakeholders to streamline projects from inception through close out.

Our Services

We support our clients across each of the project phases: Planning, Design, Construction and Close Out.

Project Management

Batska provides the capabilities to manage the entire program and construction process from pre-design through project delivery and close out. We work with your team to define processes and help by controlling costs, schedules, and work scope without jeopardizing build quality. We are experts in planning and management as well as various facets of project management.

Commissioning and Qualification

Batska is specialists in project management we have a methodical, documented process to ensure that facilities, systems, and equipment meet established design requirements and stakeholder expectations. We verify what was specified was installed; that it functions properly; and that it was successfully turned over to the user and verify the facility and system aspects that could affect product quality.

Facilities Management

Batska provides facilities professionals the ability to get the most out of their facilities through progressive and innovative solutions. We help our clients create safe and healthy environments, all while maximizing the life of their physical assets through significant and lasting improvements. Batska’s Facility Management delivers powerful solutions in the areas of Organizational & Workflow Optimization, Enterprise Asset Management, Regulatory Compliance, and Facility Risk Assessment.

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Augmenting skills, reducing costs, improving delivery times and offering cost savings year on year are some of the benefits of utilizing our managed on-demand services. Call now to learn more.