Chiller Plant PLC Replacement

Project Name:

Chiller Plant PLC Replacement Project

Project Location:

New York City

Project Description:

Remove three (3) standard OEM York Chiller Control Panels, wiring, and instrumentation and replace with three (3) new Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) panels, wiring, and instrumentation. The new PLC panels include operational features such as surge detection, rotation detection, and slow-roll, which allow for improved efficiency and Operator control, monitoring, and alarms diagnostics from an easy to navigate graphic user interface.

This project was enrolled in ConEdison’s Demand Management Program (DMP). The DMP incentivizes customers to upgrade their building systems with efficient technologies that help improve operational performance of the facility and reduce electric demand.

Project Duration:
  • 8 Months
Project Value:
  • $1.2 Million
DMP Incentive:
  • $900,000
Project Architect:
  • Vanderweil Engineers
Trade Manager:
  • Fresh Meadow Chiller Associates
Batska Consulting Group PM: