Separation of Power

Project Name:

Separation of Emergency Power

Project Location:

New York City

Project Description:

Correctly separated Normal / Emergency Power infrastructure distribution.

Eliminated an over reliance on one single existing ATS. External Flood Risk mitigation by installing new ATS / switchgear / distribution appropriately.

This project consisted of replacing existing Electrical Services and Distribution equipment to correctly separate the three branches of Emergency Power (Equipment / Critical and Life Safety) distribution throughout the hospital.

Existing deficiencies discovered mixed power branches on multiple ATS’ and any failure would have resulted in 50% of building losing power (both normal and emergency affected).

The design to rectify existing deficiencies required the construction of four (4) new Electrical Rooms and incorporated the installation of a quick connect panel for an emergency street generator connection.

This project satisfied a DOH 5-year waiver requirement and legalized existing electrical installation / distribution system.

Project Duration:
  • 6 Years
Project Value:
  • $21 Million
Project Architect:
  • daSILVA (e4h)/Lizardos Engineering
Construction Manager:
  • Lend Lease
Batska Consulting Group Team: